The HOLY GARDEN vision is to teach People from all over the world the ways of God, the deeper mysteries of God, and to see the awesome power and glory of God demonstrated. The HOLY GARDEN Training Centre will be equipped with Convention Hall, Prayer Chapel, and rooms for accommodation. It will be outfitted with the most advanced technology available. We will bring in outstanding true servants of God from around the world to teach, train and impart. This is not regular kind of Bible School. This is a Training Centre of the Spirit kind where you will be taught on end time preparation to be a perfect Bride of CHRIST.

This construction has estimated a budget of US$5 million. This amount includes the purchase of a 8-acre land and total construction and equipment cost. We already own 2.5 acre land and the construction has already begun.

We invite you to come forward to take part in this end-time work. By sowing into this project you will have a righteous inheritance in the Lord and you will be apart in preparing Bride of the Lamb. Please contact to sow a seed for the completion of this project.